Jean Bohbot, graduated from "Université de Montreal", Faculty of Law in 1978. And since 1979, he is a Canadian lawyer member of the Quebec Bar Association, and the Quebec Association of lawyers in Immigration.

Since 1979, Jean Bohbot has helped thousands of people from around the world to immigrate to Canada, and become part of the Canadian society. As one of Canada's leading and most experienced immigration law firm, we provide our clients with personalized services to successfully obtain the result they require.

With our wide experience, international reputation, personalized and professional services, the law firm of Bohbot and Associates is proud of almost 100% success rate on every service we provide.
The success rate is due to our very strict professional services and each case is thoroughly studied and we only accept files that we feel totally confident that we can obtain the result the count on.
We offer money back guarantee on all our services because we are confident that we are confident in our ability to achieve our mandate with full success.

Such guarantee provides our clients with the insurance that we will achieve their goals.
Our clients deserve the best professional services depending on their specific needs. Thus, we have established an international network to provide our clients with a personalized service where we meet them at their doorstep on a regular basis.

The law firm Bohbot & Associates offices in Canada are in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and overseas on Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, China, Venezuela and Colombia. Our staff in each office is well trained and much experienced. They will meet the clients on a regular basis and inform them of the status of their file and give them the support on every step of the process of their application.

For those living in countries where we do not yet have an office, the firm's website gives all support to an online immigration process with interactive, personalized, professional services. Our staff speaks French, English, Spanish, Arabic and Mandarin.

The law firm Bohbot and Associates and their staff all over the world are well experienced in the specific requirements imposed for each country of origin. We follow our clients' cases and we carefully coordinate and monitor their application until the visa issuance. Therefore, the law firm Bohbot and Associates provides all their clients with the best and most reliable service. A service they trust with full confidence.

With two decades of experience, international reputation and professionalism, and with a team fully committed to you, your application with the law firm of Bohbot & Associates is in good hands.